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Extraflame Anastasia Plus

Room heating wood pellet stove with ducting

Extraflame Anastasia - wood pellet stove with ducting



Heat output (actual) : 3.5kW to 12kW

Pellet consumption : 0.9kg to 3.0kg per hour

Pellet hopper capacity : 24kg

Efficiency : 90% +

Electrical consumption : 40 to 180 watts per hour




Height : 1125mm
Width : 550mm
Depth : 559mm

Weight : 150kg

Flue diameter : 80mm
Flue outlet position : rear only

Air intake : 50mm
Air intake position : rear only


Colours available :
~ Ceramic majolica finish - bordeaux (red) or white

Extraflame Anastasia - wood pellet stove with ducting in red   Extraflame Anastasia - wood pellet stove with ducting in white


Additional Ducting
The Anastasia Plus has the ability to heat 1 or more additional rooms using either or both of its 2 'ducting' outlets positioned at the rear of the stove, as indicated below.

80mm pipes are connected to the outlets which can then blow warm air into the adjoining spaces.

Extraflame Anastasia additional room heating from rear outlets

This stove is on display 
in our showroom

Standard Features

Automatic Ignition
Remote Control
Integrated Thermostats
Programmable Daily
and Weekly Timers

WIFi Module

 Extraflame WiFi Module - control your #woodpellet

Control your Extraflame #woodpellet stove, backboiler or boiler with your smart phone or PC.

Online Prices

We regret that due to 
Extraflame trading policies, 
we are unable to show 
stove and boiler prices online. 

We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Please call or email for our current prices.
t : 066 711 8884