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Titan Pelletmaster 

Wood Pellet Store

 Pelletmaster PM800 - 520kg capacity wood pellet storeThe PM380 is on display in our showroom

PM 380 (with 250 kg capacity)      € 552.00 inc vat

PM 800  (with 520 kg capacity)     € 734.00 inc vat

Optional Extra
Auger extraction fitting     € 150.00 inc vat


Basic Features

A 2 piece rotationally moulded wood pellet storage tank for internal and external use.

The Pelletmaster is the perfect solution for storing loose pellets for your stove or boiler, if you don't have the space for the 4te bulk stores. 



PM 380

Capacity   :   250kgs
Weight   :   34kgs (when empty)
Height   :   1100mm  (3ft 7in)
Width   :   1450mm  4ft 9in) 
Depth   :   730mm  (2ft 5in)



PM 800

Capacity   :   520kgs
Weight   :   56kgs (when empty)
Height   :   1550mm  (5ft 1in)
Width   :   1450mm  (4ft 9in)
Depth   :   730mm  (2ft 5in)



The Advantages :

Supplied as standard with a manual access sliding door.

Option of auger extraction fitting instead of manual slide.

Lightweight construction, easy to handle.

Quick installation - no on site assembly required.

Access hatch for cleaning and inspection.

Funnel shaped bottom for easy pellet extraction.

Maintenance free, will not rust.

100% recyclable.

UV stabilised for protection against sunlight.