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Harman XXV Celebration

Room heating wood pellet stove

Hamco XXV - wood pellet stove


Harman XXV Celebration

     Matt Black       € 3,870.00 inc vat 



Heat output : up to 14.65kW

Pellet consumption : 1.4kg to 2.8kg per hour

Efficiency : 83%

Electrical consumption : 40 to 240 watts per hourHarman XXV - cast iron wood pellet stove

Pellet hopper : 30kg


Colours Options :

Matt Black


Goldfire Brown

Honeyglo Brown

Mojave Red

Metallic Blue



Height : 795mm
Width : 738mm
Depth : 680mm

Weight : 170kg

Flue diameter : 3" / 76mm
Air intake : 50mm




Harman XXV Celebration


Brochure (0.7mb)
User Manual (1.35mb)