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We have a working 
Thermodynamic Solar system
on display in our showroom

Thermodynamic Solar Systems

Domestic Hot Water 

Solar PST Thermodynamic system with Stainless Steel Cylinder


Thermodynamic Systems

Solar Box 1 panel (using your own cylinder)

Solar Box, 2 panels (using your own cylinder)


250litre stainless steel WITH coil cylinder, 1 panel

300litre stainless steel WITH coil cylinder, 1 panel


300litre stainless steel WITH coil cylinder, 2 panels

450litre stainless steel WITH coil cylinder, 2 panels



Prices include 

solar panel(s)  
pre-charged stainless steel cylinder   (not included with Solar Box pricing) 
thermodynamic block and integral control panel   
'on roof' mounting system for slate or tile roofs
pre-insulated gas pipes with R134a refrigerant
all plumbing fittings
installation and commissioning within 1 hours drive of Tralee, Co Kerry area




50% deposit with order
balance 7 days after commissioning



1 week



Technical Specifications - Solar Panel     

type of solar panel  :   thermodynamic 

panels per system   :   1 or 2 

dimensions of panels   :  
height : 800mm
width : 2000mm
depth : 80mm

weight of panel  :  8kg

rated heat output   :  2510 watts



Technical Specifications - Solar Cylinder     

type of cylinders available  :   stainless steel, 250ltr, 300ltr & 450ltr

dimensions of stainless steel cylinder  :  
height : 1570mm (250ltr) 
height : 1750mm (300ltr)

width : 580mm 
width : 900mm with compressor attached

weight of cylinder, when empty  :  55kg



Installation Recommendations

tilt angle  :   between 0 and 90 degrees, including flat against gable wall

orientation   :   between Southeast and Southwest facing