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Alfa Pizza Oven
Technical Drawings

Ciao - Small, Medium, Large
5 Minuti     5 Minuti Top
4 Pizze     4 Pizze Gas
Allegro     Allegro Top

Alfa Pizza '4Pizze'


Alfa Pizza - 4Pizze #pizza oven


Alfa Pizza - cook book



4Pizze - 2,830.00
4Pizze gas - 3,610.00


All 4Pizze ovens include :
all weather cover (as below) and
cookbook (as right)




Pizza capacity : 4
Bread capacity : 4kg 

Fuel : Dry wood with a maximum diameter of 5cm
Average fuel consumption : 4kg per hour

Heating time : 20 minutes
Maximum oven temperature : 400c

Alfa Pizza '4Pizze' - technical drawing




Height : 2020mm
Width : 1550mm
Depth : 875mm

Oven opening height : 220mm
Oven opening width : 680mm

Height to oven floor : 915mm

Weight : 140kg

Flue diameter : 150mm



Colours available :
~ 4Pizze - antique red or copper (not shown)


 Alfa Pizza '4Pizze'
Antique Red

 Alfa Pizza '4Pizze'
all weather cover

Alfa Pizza 4Pizze - pizza oven - antique red
Alfa Pizza 4Pizze - pizza oven - all weather cover





Alfa Pizza - 4Pizze #pizza oven