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The Raimo Big Bag Dispenser


Raimo Big Bag Dispenser


 The Raimo Big Bag Dispenser is a unique discharging chute that allow the operator to partially empty big bags / bulk bags of fertilizer, seed, animal feed or any free flowing material.


The Raimo big bag dispenser comes in 3 parts :

1. The Main Dispenser has 2 cutting blades (covered by a safety guard) to penetrate the bag liner and a slide which opens and closes the chute, controlling the flow of material.

2. The Locking Ring, catches the inner liner of the bag ensuring the dispenser is securely fastened to the #bulkbag.

3. The Extension Tube, attches to the main section of the dispenser with a snap-on fitting and allows the operator to direct material to where it needs to go.


Benefits include :

Saving on waste = saving money
Saving on waste = environmentally friendly
Easy to operate and be transferred from bag to bag
Improve the safety of bulk bag handling


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Raimo Big Bag Dispenser - € 95.00 inc vat       



Raimo Big Bag Dispenser