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The 810 Ecofan in a Black finish

The Ecofan™ is a 'heat powered' fan designed to circulate rising warm air that radiates from a traditional wood burning or solid fuel stoves.  

Sited on the top of the stove, the Ecofan™ generates all its own electricity using thermoelectric technology (see below)and so does NOT require batteries or mains power to operate.

As your stove warms up, the Ecofan™ starts automatically and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature. As the stove heats up the Ecofan™ spins faster to move more air into the room. As the stove cools down the Ecofan™ automatically slows and eventually stops.

The Ecofan™ is also completely silent.



Ecofan Specifications

Working tempertaure range : 65°C to 370°C

Country of Manufacture : Canada, Caframo




 Ecofan 800 Black

 Ecofan 810 Black

 Ecofan 812 Black 

Ecofan 800 - black finish
Ecofan 810 - black finish
Ecofan 812 - black finish

 Airflow : 100 CFM
(cubic feet per minute)

 Airflow : 125 CFM
(cubic feet per minute)

 Airflow : 150 CFM
(cubic feet per minute)

  Height : 216mm

 Height : 222mm

 Height : 248mm

 Blade : 206mm

 Blade : 206mm

 Blade : 232mm


 € 80.00 inc vat

 € 100.00 inc vat

 € 145.00 inc vat

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The Technology

The Ecofan™ uses a thermoelectric module that acts as a small generator to power the fan's motor using a principle called the 'Seebreck Effect'.

The patented design of the Ecofan™ allows the base of the fan to heat the bottom surface of the module, while the top of the module is kept cooler by the fan's cooling fins.

The thermoelectric module is made of two different types of semiconductors (p-type and n-type) and when it experiences the heat differential between its top and bottom surfaces, electrons begin flowing across the module creating the electricity needed to operate the fan and circulate the hot air.